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Healing Ministry

October 19, 2015 – The next anointing will be Wednesday, October 21, 2015.   At 7 p.m. Father Bryan is celebrating the Paraclis Liturgy. (The Paraclis, or “Office of Consolation”, is a devotional service to the Mother of God which is contained in the liturgical books of the Byzantine Rite. We ask Mary to intercede on our behalf and take us to her Son, Jesus, to be healed.) Including in this service Father will bless the oil by calling down the Holy Spirit upon it and those to be anointed. Towards the end of the service he anoints the attendees while they are covered with the Holy Gospel Book. At the conclusion Father will invite those individuals who want to have laying-on of hands to come forward. Please come and join us. Everyone is welcome to come pray with us and receive an anointing for the healing of mind, soul and body for themselves or others who can’t attend. Afterwards come to St. Mary’s Hall for refreshments and fellowship.


We typically hold healing services on the fourth Wednesday of each month at 7 PM. (Prior to July 2013 it was the 2nd and 4th Wednesday.) Typically the service includes an ancient devotion (over 1,600 years old) to the Blessed Virgin Mary, called the Paraclis. Also included in the service is the reading of one of various healing gospels and prayers. Oil is blessed by Father Bryan many times during these prayers. The oil is used for anointing all those present. The “icing on the cake” is the laying on of hands to those who request it. People can come requesting prayers for those who cannot attend. We’ve had many healings for those who had someone sit in proxy for them at the service.

We have numerous testimonials of God’s healing powers through prayer and the laying on of hands here at St. Athanasius Byzantine Catholic Church. There are testimonials in the announcements of February 26, 2012’s post. Here are more samples:

…“ I want to thank you, and the parish family of St. Athanasius and especially Fr. Sid for making St. Athanasius an oasis in our journey, a special home for our family for six months that we were in Indy.  I also would like to thank Fr. Sid for Anointing me and curing my arthritic thumb joint and Anointing our son Justin whose heart is perfect now!”  Dr. Eric, D. O.

“I praise and thank God, our Almighty Father for you through which your healing service and my dearest friend Natasha’s standing in proxy for me.  Today the additional x-rays showed no mass and I did not need the ultrasound.” –   June B.

…“I have been wondering whether I myself have been blocking God’s power in my life by some kind of psychological resistance – I found the eastern rite of anointing to be far more powerful than the western rite, and  I feel very grateful to all of you (especially you and Fr. Sid) for so graciously offering that to me.” Ginger R.

“To make a long story short, from that time to the present, my tumor growth has stopped as measured by the drop in my PSA – done quarterly .  (Also, as part of this miracle, my bone lesions have disappeared)…”  Bill P.  M.D.

“I sincerely wish to give praise and honor to God for my healing, but also to Fr. Sid who was the facilitator of God’s healing energy to be channeled to me through the Paraklis Service.” Bruce  W.

Below you will find pictures taken during our healing service, videos of Fr. Sid Sidor explaining what is required to receive a healing, videos of the 7 Gospel’s and a video talking about how to go to a doctor.

Be low is a 4 part video series, recorded in the church, where Fr Sid explains the promises of healing given in the Bible.  It also covers who can heal and what is required to receive a healing.

Healing page 1 of 2

Healing page 2 of 2

The 7 Gospel’s of Healing

Fr Sid on how to go to a Doctor

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  1. BERNARD BOHANON permalink
    November 23, 2015 2:21 am

    my name is bernard bohanon and i have been under an attack by some very evil psychic mediums. their names are monique and lisa out of east chicago,in. they are part human and part demon. i would like for you to pray for me to stop this evil scheme to tear down my e-mail address is BOHANBERN@YAHOO.COM. let me know how you can help me.


  2. November 23, 2015 10:41 am

    May I suggest using this prayer:



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