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Weekly Bulletin – February 26, 2012

February 25, 2012

Weekly Schedule

Sunday,         Feb. 26, 2012

1st Sunday of the Great Fast *

10:00 AM

Divine Liturgy              for parish

following liturgy

Fellowship in St. Mary’s Hall – everyone is invited

Monday,        Feb. 27, 2012


6:00 PM


Tuesday,       Feb. 28, 2012



Renovation work in the church

Wed.,            Feb. 29, 2012


6:00 PM

Pre-Sanctified Liturgy

Thursday,    March 1, 2012



Renovation work in the church

Friday,         March 2, 2012


6:00 PM

Pre-Sanctified Liturgy

Saturday,     March 3, 2012

2nd All Souls Saturday

9:00 AM

Divine Liturgy for deceased family members

5:30 PM

Vigil Divine Liturgy        for parish

Sunday,       March 4, 2012

2nd Sunday of the Great Fast *

10:00 AM

Divine Liturgy             for parish

following liturgy

Fellowship in St. Mary’s Hall – everyone is invited
Note: * designates obligation to attend liturgy
























Healing Testimonials

We have 2 testimonials as a result of Wednesday evening’s healing service on 2/22/2012. Jim Yowell’s right knee is working normally. This happened Wednesday while he was in St. Mary’s Hall following the service. Jim was praying for others at the service and not specifically for himself. But in God’s abundant love He healed Jim from his long-time limp due to a joint/muscle problem!

Judy Ernst stated in an email to Father Sid: “My colleague Sara, who we prayed for last night (her husband Steven, diagnosed with pulmonary hypertension) and was weeping yesterday, is smiling and upbeat today.  She said that yesterday evening at about 7 PM she began to feel hopeful (6:30 PM is when I wrote their names on the paper that we prayed from) and she continued to feel more peaceful and strengthened in Spirit through 9:30 PM …….able to sleep well through the night.  Friends and family visited yesterday and brought Steven hope and Sara support and love. Sara said that Steven is not the same person today as he is not as discouraged and is wanting to live instead of facing death.  Sara too is hopeful and said that a miracle occurred and knows that it is answered prayer.”

Please thank God for His wonderful healings and thank Mary, the Theotokos, for her intercession. Continue to pray for all those who have attended our healing services that their petitions be answered.

Events Calendar

  • Wilderness to the Promised Land: The Pilgrimage of the Church will be presented by the Byzantine Catholic Cultural Center at St Nicholas Church in Munster, IN on Sunday March 11 1-6 PM.
  • 3rd Annual Men’s Retreat, “In Weakness, Power Reaches Perfection”, Akron, OH March 16-18.


As you can see in church today the new icon screen is installed. Bishop John Kudrick has entrusted it to our parish after St. Gregory’s Byzantine Catholic Church in Lakewood OH was closed. To complete the project there is some trim work installation, more staining and coating the wood with oil. That work will commence this week. You can help on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Please inform the rectory when you plan to come. Thanks to all the parishioners who’ve donated their time to help beautify our church.

The Great Fast

Here are suggestions for what you should be doing during the Lenten season:

1) Pray – talk to God. He will listen and respond. Say prayers from your heart as well as a prayer book.

2) Go to Church – not only on Sundays but to Presanctified Liturgies and All Souls Saturday services.

3) Repentance – repair your relationship with God. Accept that you can do better then strive to do so.

4) Fast – discipline yourself spiritually in what you do as well as what or how much you eat

5) Read – the Bible and other spiritual books. We have a wealth of good books for you to purchase.

6) Alms – give to those in need. Ask yourself if you’re giving of your time, talent and treasure to those in our community for the glory of God. To discuss these points in more detail please talk to Father Sid.

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