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Spring Renovations

April 11, 2016

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen!

The parish of St. Athanasius the Great in Indianapolis has many projects on it’s to-do list. Our mission to make a positive impact in the neighborhood where we worship requires many physical plant changes to stabilize first, and then upgrade our buildings. Our small size has restricted our resources to undertake the many needy projects to fulfill our mission to spread and live the gospel of our Risen Lord and Savior. We need your help. Please visit our Go Fund Me page for a detailed list of our projects or go straight to our Donate page to help us with your financial gift

We thank God for bringing us to where we are today and providing the inspiration of the Holy Spirit to direct us on the path to fulfill His wishes. Thank you, in advance, for your prayers, spreading the word on our behalf and your donation to our projects as He has directed. May God grant you the wisdom, peace, and joy that you have chosen to be part of His loving community.

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