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Weekly Bulletin – December 30, 2012

December 29, 2012

Weekly Schedule

Sunday, Dec. 30, 2012

  Sunday After Christmas *

10 am

  Divine Liturgy for Sunday

Following liturgy

  Fellowship in St. Mary’s Hall – everyone is invited

Monday, Dec. 31, 2012


6 pm

  Vigil Divine Liturgy

Tuesday, Jan. 1, 2012

  Circumcision of Our Lord – solemn holy day
  No services

Wed., Jan. 2, 2012

  No services

Thursday, Jan. 3, 2012

  No services

Friday, Jan. 4, 2012

  No services

Saturday, Jan. 5, 2012


5 pm

  Divine Liturgy for Theophany – blessing of water

Sunday, Jan. 6, 2012

  Theophany of Our Lord *

10 am

  Divine Liturgy for Sunday

Following liturgy

  Fellowship in St. Mary’s Hall – everyone is invited
  Note: * designates obligation to attend liturgy



Events Calendar

  • The Circumcision of Our Lord solemn feast day is January 1. The vigil Divine Liturgy will be on Monday evening, December 31, at 6 p.m.
  • The Theophany of Our Lord is a holy day of obligation. It falls on Sunday so that liturgy can fulfill both Sunday and the feast day obligations. Although you’ll also want to attend the Saturday, January 5th’s Divine Liturgy with the splendid blessing of the water. This is a major feast on the church’s yearly calendar and the prayers are beautiful.

 2nd Collection

This is the final collection of December for the retired religious so please be generous if you haven’t given to this worthwhile fund.

Please remember the sick of the parish and their family & friends. May God’s healing power be upon them. Consider lighting a candle for this intention.


House Blessings

It is our tradition to bless all parishioners’ homes soon after the celebration of Theophany. Please let the rectory know when you’re available to have Fr. Innocenti bless your home with the new Jordan water that is being blessed on January 5th.

Thank You

Fr. Innocenti and the parish wish to thank all those who’ve shared their time, talent and treasure with St. Athanasius church here in Indianapolis during the past year. There are too many kind, Christian acts to recount here but be sure that each and every one is cherished. We’re all benefactors of your works. We look forward to 2013 with faith that the Holy Spirit will continue to guide us to fulfill His mission.


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