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Donations Needed

December 4, 2012

Glory to Jesus Christ! Glory Forever!

It is our prayer to identify some donors who can help our parish replace the rectory boiler. 2012 has been a challenge for the parish. We lost our priest, +Reverend Father Sidney Sidor, of blessed memory, in August and also incurred unexpected expenses that have completely drained our savings.

In March 2012 the  condensate return system of the rectory boiler failed and was replaced. In the 100+ degree heat in July 2012 we had to replace the broken A/C condenser unit on the hall.  Funeral expenses, temporary clergy and moving expenses for our new priest, Fr. Innocenti Rossi, all aided in the depletion of our funds.

We have had some parishioners and the local James J O’Brian council of the Knights of Columbus help with some of the costs.

In mid-November 2012 the boiler in the rectory had a blow-back of  flames that scorched plastic components and wiring. The insurance company said that they only cover the repair to those components despite the fact that the boiler, in 3 contractors’ opinions, would not be safe to operate since it has extensive corrosion due to water leakage. Our deductible is higher than the anticipated repair. The source of the leak has not been identified. At this time the status of the flue liner, which could have collapsed, is not known. Therefore we will have to replace the boiler and potentially the flue liner, footing the entire bill.

One of Father Sid’s favorite passages that he taught time and time again is:

Mark 11:24  Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours.

The parishioners believe in God’s Word. We have unwavering faith that His Will be done. Thank you Lord for answering our prayers.

In this gift giving time of the year if you could donate money to get the heat back on for our priest’s living quarters and the office area on the first floor of the rectory we will be eternally grateful. Thank you!

This link will take you to our Donate page or you can mail a donation to us:

St. Athanasius Byzantine Catholic Church

1117 Blaine Ave.

Indianapolis IN 46221-1110

May God grant our benefactors peace, health, and happiness for many years!

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