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Fr. Sid Sidor’s funeral article, obituary and 40th day observance on September 23rd

September 9, 2012

Printable version of Fr Sid’s funeral article with obituary

Reverend  Father Jaroslav (Sidney) Sidor, Byzantine Catholic priest, passed away on Tuesday, August 14, 2012 in Indianapolis, Indiana. Father Sidor laid in state at his parish of St. Athanasius the Great Byzantine Catholic Church on the near southwest side of Indianapolis starting on Thursday, August 16. The funeral was preceded by services for a priest on Thursday and Friday evenings. The hierarchical Divine Liturgy & Funeral were celebrated on Saturday, August 18, 2012. Bishop John M Kudrick of the Eparchy of Parma, Ohio was the main celebrant. Most Rev. Christopher J. Coyne, Apostolic Administrator, and other clergy of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Indianapolis, also attended. Concelebrants were Rt. Rev. Mitred Archpriest Dennis Hrubiak, Very Rev. Archpriest Michael Hayduk, Very Revs. Michael Evanick & Thomas J. Loya, Rev. Terrence Farmer, Deacons Michael George and Michael Lee. The guest cantors were Deacon John Evancho, Subdeacon Andrew Summerson and Michael Milnick.

In his sermon Bishop Kudrick said that everyone is on a journey of life made up of continuous struggles and opportunities. Dying was just another step on the journey of life. Four days before the funeral the Dormition feast (also called the Assumption of Mary in the Roman Catholic church) was celebrated. The Theotokos’ job was not done when she left this life. Mary, Mother of God, continues to intercede on our behalf with her Son, Jesus. Likewise Father Sid’s job continues on. As a priest his teachings will help all of those people he touched over the last 8 years. If we continue his healing ministry and seeking God through the power of the Holy Spirit Fr. Sid’s influence will positively impact others. We cannot “sit on our laurels.” Our job is not done. We must let go of anything that holds us back from Theosis (becoming god-like.)

An observance of Rev. Fr. Sidney Sidor’s death is being held Sunday, September 23. It’s the 40th day of the parish mourning his passing. The Divine Liturgy at 10 a.m. will be immediately followed by the Panachida memorial service as we continue to pray for our beloved deceased priest, spiritual director, instructor, mentor and friend.

After the service we will have a meal in St. Mary’s Hall provided by the parish’s James O’Brian council of the Knights of Columbus. For those who weren’t able to come to the funeral you will have a chance to pray with the parish on the 23rd for the repose of his soul. Donations to St. Athanasius Byzantine Catholic Church are being accepted to continue Fr. Sid’s ministry. Fr. Sidney Sidor will be sorely missed – God grant him blessed repose and eternal memory.

Father Sidor was a visionary community spiritual leader and recognized for spiritual guidance, business leadership and as change agent as an appointed Priest of Parma Eparchy of the Byzantine Catholic Church. He was noted for introspective and spiritual guidance serving parishioners within the Eastern Byzantine Church, within the Central Indiana Archdiocese of the Roman Catholic Church, and in the last eight years the only Eastern Byzantine Catholic Priest assigned to a parish at the crossroads of America.

Fr. Sidor was the sounding board for business ideas, investigating complex spiritual phenomena, provided sound advice using years of knowledge in the secular world. Fr. Sidor’s background began as an altar boy in the parish of The Nativity Byzantine Catholic Church in DuBois, Pennsylvania where he served with honor and grace throughout his formative years. Upon entering college, Pennsylvania State University, School of Chemistry and Physics, Fr. Sidor wanted to become a Physical Chemist. Fr. Sidor spent time in the United States Army as an officer prior, during, and after the Korean War, total service 14 years.

Upon leaving active service Fr. Sidor entered the corporate world, serving in multiple administrative and management roles including Industrial Chemical Engineer, Plant Superintendent, Plant Manager (Transmission & Axle Plant), and Director of Engineering. Fr. Sidor’s administrative training continued as Vice President of Operations (on a Divisional Level), Director of Human Resources and Labor Relations, Corporate Labor Relations Arbitrator (presented labor cases against large unions throughout the United States of America), and as Labor Contract Negotiator. Throughout this period, Fr. Sidor knew that his Lord was calling him to do something beyond the ordinary as he ‘walked the walk’ and ‘talked the talk’ among the people, like the Lord.

Following retirement Fr. Sidor’s past moved him to seek another calling – serving His Lord as a Spiritual Administrator. As a widower with four children-1 son, 3 daughters and now ten grandchildren, two great-grandchildren he entered The Sacred Heart School of Theology, Hales Corner, Wisconsin. Fr. Sidor received a Master’s degree in Divinity and was ordained a priest on June 19, 2004. Fr. Sidor was assigned to the Holy Spirit parish as a Parochial Vicar in Parma, Ohio. Shortly thereafter he was assigned to Saint Athanasius the Great Byzantine Catholic Church in Indianapolis, Indiana where God led him to partake in his personal spiritual journey. Fr. Sidor had been embraced by the City of Indianapolis and its community with open arms.

Fr. Sidor held Eastern Catholic Church classes such as: “The Diversity within the Catholic Church”, “The History of the Catholic Church since A.D. 33”, “Healing of the Soul”, and “Personal Journey through Life – Depression”. For a couple years Fr. Sidor celebrated the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom at St Elizabeth Ann Seaton Roman Catholic Church, Carmel, Indiana in addition to his own parish of St. Athanasius the Great Byzantine Catholic Church, Indianapolis, IN.

Fr. Sidor was called upon to speak and hear confessions at the Catholic Men’s Conference (Oct. 2009); Young Catholic Adult Group Conferences (July 2006-2011); Knights of Columbus (Sept. 2009); and Women’s Conferences (2004-2011). Fr. Sidor spoke to the Indianapolis Business Exchange on “Prosperity” (2010), at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, Zionsville, Indiana on “Introduction to Eastern Catholicism” (2005-2011), and the same topic to visitors from St. Thomas Apostle, Fortville, Indiana (2011). Fr. Sidor’s last presentation out of state was at St. Mary Magdalene, Fairview Park, Ohio on “Spirituality” (2012).

Fr. Sidor is credited for starting a Healing Ministry at St. Athanasius the Great Byzantine Catholic Church. He grew the monthly healing service to two services a month. It is still one of a few Catholic Healing service locations in the entire state of Indiana. The ministry has received numerous testimonials from people healed.

Fr. Sidor touched the lives of celebrants and believers in central Indiana belonging to Anglican, Armenian, Bulgarian, Greek, Lutheran, Roman Catholic and Ukrainian Churches.


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