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Weekly Bulletin – March 18, 2012

March 19, 2012

Weekly Schedule

Sunday,     March 18, 2012

4th Sunday of the Great Fast

John Climacus*

10:00 AM

Divine Liturgy              for parish

following liturgy

Fellowship in St. Mary’s Hall – everyone is invited

Monday,    March 19, 2012


6:00 PM


Tuesday,   March 20, 2012


6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Renovation work in the church

Wed.,         March 21, 2012

6:00 PM

Pre-Sanctified Liturgy

Thursday,  March 22, 2012


6:30 PM – 9:30 PM

Renovation work in the church

Friday,       March 23, 2012


6:00 PM

Pre-Sanctified Liturgy

Saturday,   March 24, 2012

Akathistos Saturday

5:30 PM

Vigil Divine Liturgy        for parish

Sunday,     March 25, 2012

5th Sunday of the Great Fast

Annunciation of the Theotokos*

10:00 AM

Divine Liturgy             for parish

following liturgy

Fellowship in St. Mary’s Hall & pysanky egg decorating class – everyone is invited
Note: * designates obligation to attend liturgy


Events Calendar

  • The next Healing Service is scheduled for Wednesday, March 28 at 7 PM.
  • Next Sunday, March 25th, we will have an egg decorating class for those to learn how to make their 1st pysanka or hone their skills if they already know how to use the wax-resistance technique. Supplies (dyes, wax, etc.) will be provided. You can bring extra eggs if you wish.


Second Collection

Over 2 weeks ago the water supply system to the rectory’s boiler failed. After evaluating 3 options it was decided to replace the water feed unit with a properly sized tank and a new low water cutoff/pump control. The bill came to $3,651.00. Please mail us a contribution to help defray the cost.


On the inside of the bulletin you can see that Father Sid is available to hear confessions 1 hour prior to liturgy and immediately following the liturgy. Father is encouraging everyone to make a good confession during the Great Fast.

Bible Meditation

2 Thessalonians 2:9-12 is one of the most frightening passages in the Bible.  Do you see today’s world as being deceived with great delusion to take most everyone’s attention away from the truth?  The truth is the Word of God. Read the Bible every day asking the Holy Spirit to instruct you on the meaning behind the words. Then put these instructions from God’s words into practice in your life – each and every day. Be a good role model.


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