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Weekly Bulletin – June 26, 2011

June 27, 2011

Weekly Schedule

Sunday,        June 26, 2011

2nd Sunday after Pentecost *

10:00 AM

Divine Liturgy

following liturgy

Knights of Columbus Brunch in St. Mary’s Hall

 – everyone’s welcome

Monday,       June 27, 2011


5:00 PM


Tuesday,      June 28, 2011

4:00 PM

Vigil Divine Liturgy           for feast

6:00 PM

Patristics Theology class

Wed.,            June 29, 2011

Saints Peter & Paul – Holy Day of Obligation *

11:00 AM

Divine  Liturgy              for feast

Thursday,    June 30, 2011


7:30 AM

Divine Liturgy       †John Cimar

9:00 AM – 6 PM

Baking in St. Mary’s Hall

Friday,              July 1, 2011


11:00 AM

Divine Liturgy YJohn Karazsia

Saturday,         July 2, 2011


8:00 AM – 12:00 PM

Evangelization at Binford, Carmel Markets

5:00 PM

Divine Liturgy – vigil for Sunday

Sunday,           July 3, 2011

3rd Sunday after Pentecost *

10:00 AM

Divine Liturgy

following liturgy

Fellowship in St. Mary’s Hall

Note: * designates obligation to attend liturgy



Events Calendar

  • Wednesday, June 29th is a holy day of obligation for the feast of Saints Peter & Paul. Eastern Catholics are obliged to attend liturgy for the feast. See the liturgy schedule above. The Apostles Fast continues through June 28.
  • Patristic Theology class is Tuesday at 6 PM following the vigil liturgy for Sts. Peter & Paul holy day.
  • Lawrence Township is having a 4th of July celebration and carnival from Saturday July 2 through July 4th at the Ft. Benjamin Harrison Finance Center. The finale will be a fireworks show at 10 PM on Monday that Mike Piland & crew choreographed.  Ask Mike Piland, a parishioner, for details about this family event.
  • Knights of Columbus meeting is scheduled for Sunday, July 10 following Divine Liturgy.

Thank You

Thanks to those healing team members who laid hands on those attending last Wednesday’s Healing Service. We received another healing testimony this past week.

Thanks to those who volunteered at the work day, June 25. Both outdoor work around the school & in the garden as well as hall pantry organization, clean-up and securing lights inside St. Mary’s Hall was accomplished. Special thanks go to Hilda, Dawn, & Hilda’s family who cut the lawn and keep the landscape tidy.

Thanks to those volunteers who helped with baking, wrapping & working the markets this week: Al Z, Alex, Marge H, Richard M, Danny E, Carol L, Paul S & John D.

God grant your servants peace, health and long life for many blessed and happy years!

Fund Raising

Saturday morning’s weather was fantastic so the two weekend markets had $651 in total sales. The previous weekend’s sales was $353. Baking this week will be on Thursday. You are invited and bring a friend too. We will making our special patriotic Red-White-Blue roll for the 4th of July.

New books from the Rev. Robert DeGrandis healing ministry arrived this week. Pick up a book or two about prayer and various types of healing, e.g. family, spiritual, etc.

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