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Work Day Accomplishments – April 9, 2011

April 10, 2011

Wow! We had a great turnout and a sizable list of accomplishments on Saturday.  This is a partial list: Broken light fixtures replaced in hall, cleaning in the church (wash pews, kneelers, baseboards, icon screen, brass candle holders, litia or artoklasia tray, censer; vacuum carpet; removed wax from various surfaces), hang icons, move stored pews into hall and back porch of rectory for use (the process included removing 40 years worth of dried chewing gum from under each pew then washing and waxing), organize items in storage building & St. Mary’s hall, cleaned & moved cooling rack for baking from storage into hall for use, sautéed onions for next week’s KofC brunch, folded Sunday’s music handout & bulletins, pull weeds around entrance of hall.

The work was performed between the morning and evening liturgies.  Most of our 19 volunteers attended the morning and/or evening Divine Liturgies too!

Thank you to those that participated in our April work day:

Kupec family – Joe, Mary, Nicholas and Thomas

Stanton family – Tom, Sonia, Cody

Anne Hamilton

Al Macek (one of the original families who started the parish in 1980)

Mike Piland and his friend Tim

Carol Lipps

Max Beaver

Paul Suvak

Kimetha Steele

Marcus Loidolt

Bill Ferguson

Richard Medwig

John Danovich

May God grant our volunteers peace, health and long life for many happy and blessed years.


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