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Work Day Goals – Saturday, February 26, 2011

February 24, 2011
Glory to Jesus Christ!
Glory Forever!
This Saturday is the first All Souls Saturday.  Lent is not far away!  After Liturgy Saturday morning see if you can volunteer an hour or two to help close out the following projects:
  • Finish lining the bell tower closet with 1/4″ plywood. I have the wood staged against the wall by the garage door.
  • Building the walk way in the hall attic using the long narrow strips of sheeting that I have staged by the  garage door.
  • Moving the shovels and salt out of the rectory porch.
  • Hanging the icons that are leaning against the windows on the walls.
  • Hanging the boxes of icons in the closet in the entry to the church.
  • If the weather is good we can continue to clear the bricks and dirt from behind the garage.  We need to level the ground and remove bricks and roots so the mower can get close to the building.
Max Beaver will be coordinating all activities for the day!
Thank you in advance for all your support from SAMD!
Joe Kupec

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