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Work Day Goals/Accomplishments – Saturday, February 19, 2011

February 18, 2011

Here is a list of the Primary and Secondary Goals for February 19, 2011 SAMD work day:

  • Finish caulking windows – done
  • Trim the North sacristy closet door – done
  • Repair hinges on the North door to the deck – done
  • Cut sheeting to line the closet in the bell tower
  • Install the sheeting in the closet
  • Install a new mortised lock and handle on the bell tower door – done
  • Remove the rotted sill wood between the bell tower and the church entrance – done
  • Install new wood and a drip edge – done
  • Organized extra Icons to be hung in the church
  • Clear out the snow shovels and salt buckets and stow the snow blower for next season
  • Check furnace filters in the church and hall furnaces.
  • Cut and install sheeting  for crawl space  above hall ceiling
  • Measure bell tower windows
  • Measure sacristy windows
  • Prep the sacristy closet walls for painting
  • Install wiring and fixture to light the wood loft above St. Josephs Shop
  • Run electrical wire to the bell tower for power
  • Rewire the garage door opener in the garage

All volunteers (parishioners, friends, neighbors) are welcome to share their talent with us.

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