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Weekly Bulletin – January 2, 2011

January 1, 2011

Weekly Schedule

Sunday,            Jan. 2, 2011 Sunday  Before Theophany *
10:00 AM Divine Liturgy               for parish

Mysteries of Initiation for Katherine LaFaver-Cabe

following liturgy Fellowship in St. Mary’s Hall
Monday,           Jan. 3, 2011 St. Stephen Protomartyr – Simple Holy Day
9:00 AM Office of the 3rd Hour
11:00 AM Divine Liturgy  “ Linda Edelhofer
Tuesday,         Jan. 4, 2011
9:00 AM Office of the 3rd Hour
5:30 PM Divine Liturgy         †John Cimar
Wed.,               Jan. 5, 2011 Vigil of Theophany
9:00 AM Office of the 3rd Hour
5:30 PM Vigil Divine Liturgy for Theophany
Thursday,       Jan. 6, 2011 Theophany of Our Lord – Holy Day Obligation *
9:00 AM Office of the 3rd Hour
5:30 PM Divine Liturgy with Blessing of Water
Friday,              Jan. 7, 2011 Synaxis of John the Baptist
5:30 PM Divine Liturgy     †John Potoma
Saturday,         Jan. 8, 2011
5:00 PM Vigil Divine Liturgy for Sunday
Sunday,            Jan. 9, 2011 Sunday  After Theophany *
10:00 AM Divine Liturgy               for parish
following liturgy Fellowship in St. Mary’s Hall

* denotes obligation to attend liturgy that day


The New Year – 2011

“Let your demeanor, your dress, your walking, your sitting down, the nature of your food, the quality of your being, your house and what it contains, aim at simplicity…Be  a help to your friends, kind to the ones with whom you live, gentile to your servant, patient with those who are troublesome, loving towards the lowly, comforting those in trouble, visiting those in affliction, never despising anyone, gracious in friendship, cheerful in answering others, courteous, approachable to everyone, never speaking your own praise nor getting others to speak of them, never taking part in unbecoming conversations, and concealing where you may whatever gifts you possess.”  -St. Basil the Great!

Mysteries of Christian Initiation

Welcome Katherine LaFaver-Cabe into the Eastern Catholic Church. She is receiving the 3 Mysteries of Initiation: Baptism, Chrismation and Holy Eucharist.  Come help the proud grandmother Julie LaFaver and great grandmother Teresa Staronka and the remainder of the parish celebrate in the hall after liturgy today.

Do You Hear What I Hear?

Starting this week, on January 3rd, Dave Wilson will start his new radio show on KORN Country 100.3 FM. It airs Monday through Friday from 5:30-9 AM. His current show on Saturdays from 10-11 AM will be continuing too. Dial up your radio to 100.3 FM tomorrow at 5:30 AM. Support our brother Dave “The King” Wilson.

House Blessings

It is our tradition to bless all parishioners’ homes in the few weeks following the celebration of Theophany. Please let the rectory know when you’re available to have Fr. Sid bless your home with the new Jordan water that is blessed this Thursday evening, January 6th.  Use the House Blessing form inside today’s bulletin.


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