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2010 Maintenance Successes

December 27, 2010

Christ is Born!
Glorify Him!

I am sending out this email on behalf of the St. Athanasius Maintenance Department and would like to thank our volunteers for the weekends and evenings that you were so generous to donate in 2010.

At first glance it appears that our parish is small and has limited resources. If we take to heart the words of Fr. Sid, our humble parish priest, with prayer and power of the Holy Spirit we can move mountains. Just a few of the projects completed this year:

  • Substantial garage clean-out
  • Repaint the mens bathroom in St. Mary’s Hall
  • Strip and wax the floors in St. Mary’s Hall
  • Bakery storage annex and loft completed and operational
  • New Stairs built for the bell tower
  • Storage loft completed over the St. Joseph Shop
  • New Door installed on the St Mary’s Hall
  • Holes behind the garage filled in, trees trimmed and garbage cleaned out
  • School windows sealed (several times)
  • Two new ovens , triple bowl sink, and institutional refrigerator delivered for the bakery expansion
  • Bell tower clean-out and organization that included upgrading storage
  • New shelves in the server sacristy
  • Acquisition of 32 tons of lumber that can be used for capital projects in 2011

St. Alphonsus altar servers, St. A's parishioners 12/18/2010


There are many people who took the time to do the cleaning, mowing and general upkeep in this vineyard called St. Athanasius. Without their quiet efforts so many things would still be waiting for attention.

2011 promises to be a challenging year. We have windows and buttresses to rebuild, drains and downspouts that need to be repaired/replaced and buried and there is a real possibility that we may have enough material to build a proper vestibule. All of this can only happen with God’s grace and your help.

In the next few weeks we will be working up a calender to coordinate the Maintenance Department projects with the liturgical and baking schedules. We hope to have one project a month that we can come together as a community in service and fellowship.

First, I humbly ask for your prayers as we begin planning projects for 2011. Without God’s help we can accomplish nothing.

Second I request your feedback. Please list things that need done on the lists posted on the bulletin boards in the hall.

Finally, I ask for your help on any workday that falls on an open spot on your calender. Many hands make light work.

Together we can lift our hands to build up God’s house here at St. Athanasius in Indianapolis.

Keeping you in my Christmas, New Years and Theophany Prayers!

Joe Kupec

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