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Tonight’s Liturgy time change

December 7, 2010

Glory to Jesus Christ!

Fr. Sid’s afternoon appointment is taking longer than expected. He’s moving the vigil Divine Liturgy for tomorrow’s solemn holy day, Conception of St. Anna, from 5:30 PM to 6:30 PM tonight. Wednesday’s Divine Liturgy is still scheduled for 7:30 AM. Remember there is a bake day followed by the Ancient Healing Service tomorrow too.

Tonight 6:30 PM Divine Liturgy
Wednesday 7:30 AM Divine Liturgy
Wednesday 9:30 AM baking
Wednesday 7:00 PM Ancient Healing Service

Thanks to those that responded to Cyndi’s need for transportation. A parishioner is getting her into another car within another day or two. We honor and praise you, Lord God.

Please remember Betty Wild, the mother-in-law of Bill Walsh, in your prayers. She broke her hip in a fall last night. Betty had a partial hip replacement today. Thank you, God most high for your many blessings. May your healing power be directed into your servant, Betty. Thank you for the surgery team’s talents to get her through the operation quickly and with minimal pain. May her recovery be an amazement to the hospital staff. We offer this prayer is Jesus’ name. Amen.

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