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Parish Work Day Accomplishments – November 6, 2010

November 1, 2010

November 8 Update: The volunteer crew accomplished a lot during the Parish Work Day. For example: crayon marks removed in cry room, insulate storage closet in church, test snow blower and reorganize pews & many other things in garage. Meanwhile 2 people evangelized and sold baked goods at the Decatur High School Craft Fair.
October 1, 2010
You are invited to the next St. Athanasius Work day and Ethnic Lunch sponsored by the Parish Maintenance Department.

We will start between 8 and 9 am with continental breakfast and coffee.

Lunch will be Soup (Borscht or squash), Country Spare Ribs in Sweet and Sour cabbage, Pyrohy, Spaghetti and Nut rolls and Ice Cream.

Here are a few of our goals for the day:

  • Finish soffits on the garage to keep out squirrels
  • Clean crayon marks off the cry room walls
  • Insulate bell tower closets and install sheeting
  • Cut Sheeting for sacristy closet and install shelves
  • Put down flooring above the maintenance shop and move wood to the space
  • Move appliances to be kept to the back room
  • Move appliance to be sold to the front of the garage and photograph
  • Photograph pews
  • Stack pews
  • Fill in holes behind the garage
  • Cover stairs to the basement of the garage with 2 by 4s and sheeting.
  • Bring extra garage door down from the rafters
  • Seal openings in the brick with mortar.

As with every work day we will start by inviting everyone who comes to light a candle for their intentions.

Do join us for a wonderful day of fellowship as we build up Gods House.


Joe Kupec
(Shop Steward)

This announcement authorized by Richard Medwig, Parish Maintenance Superintendent.

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