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Weekly Bulletin – July 18, 2010

July 18, 2010

Weekly schedule

Sunday,         July 18, 2010 8th Sunday After Pentecost *
10:00 AM Divine Liturgy              for parish
following liturgy Fellowship in St. Mary’s Hall
Monday,         July 19, 2010
7:00 AM Office of the 1st Hour
6:00 PM Vigil Divine Liturgy – blessing of vehicles
Tuesday,        July 20, 2010 Elijah Great Prophet
7:00 AM Office of the 1st Hour
10:00 AM Divine  Liturgy – blessing of vehicles
Wednesday,  July 21, 2010
7:00 AM Office of the 1st Hour
10:00 AM Divine Liturgy +John Cimar -CANCELED-
Thursday,       July 22, 2010
7:00 AM Office of the 1st Hour
8:22 AM – 5:22 PM Baking in St. Mary’s Hall
6:00 PM Divine Liturgy       +Peter Cimar
Friday,            July 23, 2010
7:00 AM Office of the 1st Hour
6:00 PM Divine Liturgy           +Mary Kisyla
Saturday,       July 24, 2010
8:00 AM – 12:00 PM Evangelize at Binford & Carmel Farmers Markets
4:00 PM Vigil Divine Liturgy
Sunday,         July 25, 2010 9th Sunday After Pentecost *
10:00 AM Divine Liturgy              for parish
following liturgy Knights of Columbus brunch

* denotes obligation to attend liturgy that day


Blessing of Vehicles

A long standing tradition in the Eastern Church is a special blessing for modes of transportation in commemoration of St. Elias’ feast day on July 20th. Recall that St. Elias or Elijah ascended into heaven on a fiery chariot. He is the Patron of drivers and the protector of the means of transportation. Take advantage of this extra protection (you need car insurance in Indiana and you really could use Divine protection even more!)  Keep in mind that the blessing of 1st fruits and flowers fall on feast days in August so keep gardening.

Welcoming Committee

Our parish could benefit from a few parishioners who greet people at the door to assist them with the liturgy & hymn books. Some visitors could use some direction during the liturgy to follow along with our beautiful service so you should offer to sit with them. Please consider being a helping hand to our visitors. We will get a schedule posted in St. Mary’s Hall. Thank you.

Knights of Columbus

The monthly brunch served by the James J O’Brian Council 13850 is next Sunday. Invite your friends, neighbors and co-workers. There will be a 50-50 raffle so participate for the chance at winning some cash.

Fund Raising

Scrip cards were ordered last week. Check with John to see which cards we have available.


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