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Weekly Bulletin – April 25, 2010

April 26, 2010

Weekly schedule

Sunday,         Apr. 25, 2010 Sunday of the Paralytic Man *
10:00 AM Divine Liturgy               for parish
following liturgy fellowship in St. Mary’s Hall
Monday,        Apr. 26, 2010
7:00 AM Office of the 1st Hour
Tuesday,       Apr. 27, 2010 Parish’s 1st Liturgy was 30 years ago today
7:00 AM Office of the 1st Hour
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy             for parish
2:00 PM Prosperity class
Wednesday,   Apr. 28, 2010 Mid-Pentecost
7:00 AM Office of the 1st Hour
11:45 AM Divine Liturgy   + William Enciso
Thursday,      Apr. 29, 2010
6:45 AM Divine Liturgy        +Mary Kisyla
Friday,            Apr. 30, 2010
7:00 AM Office of the 1st Hour
9:00 AM Divine Liturgy      John Karazsia
Saturday,         May 1, 2010
4:00 PM Vigil Divine Liturgy          for parish
Sunday,           May 2, 2010 Sunday of the Samaritan Woman *
10:00 AM Divine Liturgy, St Athanasius patron feast day
following liturgy Pitch-In brunch in St. Mary’s Hall


30 years

St. Athanasius’ feast day is May 2nd.  We will have a pitch-in brunch after liturgy to celebrate our parish’s patron feast. And this week is the 30th year commemoration of the parish’s first Divine Liturgy on Tuesday, April 27th. On Tuesday the liturgy is at 9 a.m., or you can come earlier to the Office of the 1st Hour being celebrated at 7 a.m. Please remember your parish in you daily prayers, especially during this week. Thank God that we’ve been blessed with a parish established 3 decades ago that continues to be the Light of the East here in central Indiana. Praise Him that He allows us to come together to express our gratitude to Him in the beautiful St. John Chrysostom Divine Liturgy of the Eastern Rite each week. We thank God for our Bishop John Kudrick, Fr. Sid Sidor and the past bishops and pastor/administrators who’ve all played a part in our parish’s history. And thanks to all the founding families and those who’ve been parishioners, whether for a few decades or a few months. Continue to encourage others to seek out and explore the hidden gem of Catholic Christianity right here at St. Athanasius the Great Byzantine Catholic Church. Don’t limit yourself to Divine Liturgy on Sundays. Make an effort to attend other services and events that will help all of us deepen our spiritual faith, evangelize, and become a caring community for one another. God grant us many years, for Christ is Risen!

Thank you

A 2nd collection will be taken 1) for buying a new garbage disposal for the rectory, 2) assist purchasing items for the food pantry, and 3) to pay remainder on the church furnaces. Thank you for your generosity.

Fund raising

The farmers markets will be starting soon (Binford begins on May 8th.)  Plan now to help Thursday, May 6th for baking our famous nut rolls. The parish also needs your help selling on Saturdays during the summer.


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