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Weekly Bulletin – April 11, 2010

April 10, 2010

Weekly Schedule:

Sunday,         Apr. 11, 2010 Thomas Sunday *
10:00 AM Divine Liturgy               for parish
following liturgy Fellowship in St. Mary’s Hall
Monday,        Apr. 12, 2010 Monday
7:00 AM Liturgy of the 1st Hour
12:00 PM Divine Liturgy      +Mary Kissyla
Tuesday,       Apr. 13, 2010
7:00 AM Liturgy of the 1st Hour
2:00 PM Prosperity class
7:00 PM Divine Liturgy    +John Potoma
Wednesday,   Apr. 14, 2010 Wednesday
7:00 AM Liturgy of the 1st Hour
7:00 PM Ancient Healing Service
Thursday,      Apr. 15, 2010 Thursday
7:00 AM Liturgy of the 1st Hour
7:00 PM Divine Liturgy     +Anna Potoma
Friday,            Apr. 16, 2010 Friday
6:30 AM Divine Liturgy +Andrew Pruvenok
Saturday,       Apr. 17, 2010 Saturday
4:00 PM Vigil Divine Liturgy          for parish
Sunday,         Apr. 18, 2010 Sunday of Ointment Bearers *
10:00 AM Divine Liturgy              for parish
following liturgy KofC brunch in St. Mary’s Hall


Saint George, the Great Martyr feast day coming up

St. George’s feast day is April 23rd. It’s a simple holy day on our liturgical calendar. Please put April 23rd aside for attending Divine Liturgy to celebrate the feast. St. George, the glorious Great Martyr and wonderworker, refused to sacrifice to the pagan gods, was tortured and beheaded at Nicomedia in Asia Minor.  He was martyred in the reign of Diocletian, about A.D. 296. In our iconography St. George is commonly depicted as a soldier riding a horse and slaying a dragon.

Maintenance Update

Joe Kupec, Al Zetsel & grandsons, Bradley & Alex delivered sand, reattached gutter & down spouts, repaired the wooden fence, moved fill dirt into window wells on the old school building and mowed the majority of the grass this week. Please check the bulletin board in St. Mary’s Hall to see the remaining projects. Be part of the team making the list dwindle. It’s another way you can joyously use your God-given talents back to our parish for the glory of God.

Knights of Columbus Brunch

The Knights of Columbus are hosting Sunday brunch next Sunday, April 18th, following the 10 AM Divine Liturgy, the Knights will be serving: pirohy, kielbasa, sauerkraut, eggs, hash browns, pancakes, OJ, milk, coffee and dessert. A free will offering is encouraged by not mandatory. Come help the Knights of Columbus through your attendance in this community outreach project. Please invite your friends and your neighbors. Christ is Risen!

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