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Weekly Bulletin – Pascha – April 4,2010

April 3, 2010

Weekly schedule

Sunday,           Apr. 4, 2010 Glorious Resurrection of Our Lord – Pascha *
10:00 AM Divine Liturgy – Chrismation of John Sosna
following liturgy Celebration of Pascha & for John Sosna
Monday,          Apr. 5, 2010 Bright Monday – solemn holy day
7:00 AM Liturgy of the 1st Hour
12:00 PM Divine Liturgy – 4 Gospels at each side of church
Tuesday,         Apr. 6, 2010
Bright Tuesday – simple holy day
7:00 AM Liturgy of the 1st Hour
12:00 PM Divine Liturgy – Death of Apostle Methodius
2:00 PM Prosperity class
Wednesday,    Apr. 7, 2010 Bright Wednesday
7:00 AM Liturgy of the 1st Hour
Thursday,         Apr. 8, 2010 Bright Thursday
7:00 AM Liturgy of the 1st Hour
Friday,             Apr. 9, 2010 Bright Friday
6:30 AM Divine Liturgy + Marilyn Grabow
Saturday,       Apr. 10, 2010 Bright Saturday
4:00 PM Vigil Divine Liturgy
Sunday,         Apr. 11, 2010 Thomas Sunday *
10:00 AM Divine Liturgy
following liturgy Fellowship & sharing Artos bread in St. Mary’s Hall


Bright Week

Christ is Risen! Indeed He is Risen! Christós voskrése! Vo-ístinu voskrése! May the risen Christ bestow peace, health and happiness in this joyous season to all men, women & children of the world; especially St. Athanasius parishioners, guests, friends, neighbors and acquaintances. Our renewed spirit, honed by our diligence during the Great Fast, will continue to strengthen us to spread the Good News of Christ’s victory over Satan. Let us go forth and proclaim to others the truth of the Catholic faith through both word and deed – it’s God’s directive. As Fr. Sid has stated, “We have a good God.” Sow plenty of positive, optimistic seed to all, every day, so that we can foster an upbeat and encouraging community in which we live. As we do for others, we do for ourselves. God has made it a win-win solution!

Food Pantry

Our ministry to our local neighbors has had a gratifying week with at least 8 families receiving assistance from our parish in the last few days. To meet the continuing need we are requesting non-perishable food and hygiene items (or money to purchase them) from you. During the Great Fast almsgiving is highlighted as a virtuous activity. Now that the Pascal season is started we need to continue donating to the poor. The St. Athanasius Church food pantry is one such outlet. Please be generous in this important ministry to those in need.

Easter Bake Goods

Thanks to those who helped with baking on Thursday, April 1 (no fooling!): Brenda, Al, Olga, Paul, Mary, Joe, Julia, Bill, Richard, Marge. You can still get baked goods (rolls, pascha bread and pumpkin logs) for your family, co-workers and/or friends. They are a special treat that is sure to please.


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